Triple Town Brewery Tour (Private tour)

From AUD A$690.00
  • Duration: 6 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Beechworth, VIC

This is taking in the towns and breweries of Brights, Bright Brewery, Wangarattas' The Malt Shed Brewery & Beechworths Bridge Road Brewery. Here is what the the tour schedule might look like...

  • 10 - Depart Wangaratta (alternative available).
  • 11 - 12:45. Bright Brewery.
  • 50 minute transfer to Beechworth.
  • 1:35pm - 3:35. Bridge Road Brewery (optional lunch (bookings only) including pizza throw down and a side).
  • 20-30 minute transfer. 
  • 3:45pm - Hurdle Creek Gin (optional). 
  • 5pm - Malt Shed Brewery Wangaratta. 

You can tailor the above itinerary by adding, deleting and adjusting to suit your needs. More than 50 vineyards, brewers, producers, cafes and restaurants are available and dotted throughout Milawa, Beechworth, Bright, King Valley and North East Victoria. River Tribe Adventures can help you have a great day visiting them and will provide everything you need for an easy day or half day out. River Tribe provides an experienced tour guide, a great vehicle and a ton of knowledge of the area. You can visit a few or do them all, you may want to stop for a spot of lunch, go fast, go slow… it is up to you.

You can combine the best of everything and combine your love of beer, wine and produce into one tour, this will satisfy all your friends taste buds. Build you own adventure, book it in and get out there.